The attorneys at Nicholas & Barrera have over 60 years experience representing clients throughout Texas and the United States in the areas of :
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Criminal Trial (Board Certified)

Nicholas & Barrera has extensive experience defending the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses.  The association handles all types criminal cases, from minor infractions and misdemeanors to the most serious felony indictments, including: drunk driving, drug possession, narcotics sales, embezzlement, sex offenses, murder, domestic violence and juvenile offenses.

The association has extensive experience defending the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses at every stage of the case starting with the arrest.  From the time the association is retained as your legal representative, the lawyers begin preparing for trial.  The association has years of experience dealing with arraignments, discovery and preliminary hearings.  The lawyers keep abreast of current legal developments so that they can draft persuasive motions to suppress evidence and other pre-trial motions.  The attorneys are skilled negotiators who will plea-bargain if it is in your best interest to go to trial and vigorously defend you when that is your best interest.  The association represents clients in the following areas:

Criminal Defense Violent Offenses including assault, battery, burglary, domestic violence, murder, vehicular manslaughter, stalking, manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery, arson, carjacking, and hit and run.

White Collar Criminal Defense including major criminal cases and investigations involving issues of securities fraud, derivatives trading, antitrust and price-fixing, mail and wire fraud, RICO, tax fraud, customer fraud and other business violations.  In appropriate cases, the association’s lawyers have tried criminal cases to verdict.  In those instances in which clients have pled guilty following an investigation, the association’s attorneys work to obtain a plea to reduce charges and a non-custodial sentence.

The association’s extensive white-collar practice involves the representation of defendants and witnesses in federal and state investigations, trials and appeals.  White-collar clients include politicians, business professionals and top executives.  The association has developed particular skills not only in litigating criminal cases, but also in resolving them discreetly, and often at the very early stage of the investigation.

Criminal Defense Sex Offenses including rape, child molestation, indecent exposure, possession of child pornography, sexual battery, rape, lewd conduct, spousal rape, statutory rape, Internet sex offense, and sex offender registration

Criminal Defense / Controlled Substance Offenses are one the most widely prosecuted crimes in Texas state and federal criminal courts.  The quantity and purpose of drug possession, such as possession for sale rather than possession for use, often determine the range of punishment.  The association’s lawyers have extensive experience handling drug and narcotic offenses, including trafficking, distribution, possession, transportation, possession for sale, marijuana cultivation, and manufacturing.

Criminal Defense Juvenile Crimes  When a juvenile is accused of a crime in Texas, the criminal process is very different than in adult in court.  The juvenile crime is called an act of delinquency and requires juvenile court intervention to deal with the delinquency.  The following types of behavior often subject juveniles to juvenile court jurisdiction:  skipping school / truancy, running away from home, staying out after curfew, underage alcohol consumption or possession, drug use, arson, traffic violations, including speeding and driving without a license, assault and battery, shoplifting or theft, gang-related activities, trespassing, and sexual misconduct.

Criminal Defense Felony and Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses including Drunk Driving (DUI) and Driving Under the Influence of Narcotics.

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